Spinning, Intermediate Beginner

Spinning, Intermediate Beginner


Saturday, June 22 and 29, 2019

Two, 2 hour sessions, 2-4 p.m.

Kim McKenna, Claddagh Fibre Arts

Over the course of the classes Kim will help you refine your spinning technique, teaching you how to spin a consistent yarn. You will also learn plying and finishing techniques as well as how to sample and keep records of your spinning projects.

100 grams of prepared fibre is included in the cost of the classes.

Students are expected to provide their own wheels, which should arrive maintained and ready to go. You can find maintenance instructions on most spinning wheel makers’ websites. In addition, read the free download at www.claddaghfibrearts.com under the Spinning Tab.

Note: Neatsfoot Oil should only be used on leather that needs to remain flexible. If the leather supports the flyer for example, do not use Neatsfoot Oil. Instead use a leather-conditioning product meant for harder leathers.