Muga Silk
Tussah Silk
Cultivated, Bombyx Silk
Muga Silk Tussah Silk Cultivated, Bombyx Silk

Louet Silk Top, Muga, Tussah and Cultivated


Muga silk is the product of the silkworm Antheraea assamensis endemic to Assam. The larvae of these moths feed on som (Machilus bombycina) and sualu (Litsaea polyantha) leaves. The silk produced is known for its glossy fine texture and durability. Due to its low porosity the Muga yarn cannot be bleached or dyed and its natural golden color is retained. This silk can be hand-washed with its lustre increasing after every wash. Very often the silk outlives its owner.

Tussah silk, a natural pale honey in color, is widely regarded as being a little easier to spin than bombyx silk. Cultivated from a different strain of moth than bombyx silk, tussah is incredibly fine, but just a little coarser than bombyx, and feels a bit less slippery. Tussah also dyes beautifully with acid dyes or fiber reactive dyes. It tends to produce a slightly fuzzier yarn than bombyx, still with the same incredible strength, shine and softness. Most teachers recommend new silk spinners start with tussah before bombyx.

Bombyx silk, also known as mulberry silk or cultivated silk, is the world's finest silk, prized for its incredible luster, fineness and strength. Louet's bombyx silk top is a top-quality white combed preparation, ready to spin! Bombyx silk can be dyed with acid dyes including food coloring and drink mix, and also with fiber reactive dyes. A slippery fiber, bombyx silk can be tricky to spin, but yields beautiful results for all skill levels. This sliver is slightly easier to spin than bricks. This fiber is bleached.

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