Incredible Rope Machine, Schacht

Incredible Rope Machine, Schacht


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Schacht's Incredible Rope Machine gets even more incredible with a new rounder design that makes for smoother action and easier rope making. The new hook design refines the aesthetic appeal of this perennial favourite. The IRS is the fibre artist's handy tool for making customized edge trims, accents for pillows, coats, sweaters, and purse handles, jewellery, belts and more. This simple to use tool allows the craftsperson to fashion just the right accent. 

Many different yarns, thick and thin, loops and boucles, can be combined at the same time. Blend colours, textures, and fibres from very fine ropes to very thick ones. This handy tool is versatile, useful, and just plain fun. It's a tool every fibre artist should own.