BFL, Blue Faced Leicester
Mixed Blue Faced Leicester
Corriedale Cross
Merino 22 micron
Organic Polwarth
Shetland Moorit
Light Grey Swaledale
BFL, Blue Faced Leicester Mixed Blue Faced Leicester Cheviot Corriedale Cross Falkland Merino 22 micron Organic Polwarth Shetland Moorit Light Grey Swaledale

Natural Coloured Wool Fibre


In order, by photograph:

Mixed Blue Face Leicester is a 75/25 blend of the natural white and natural black blue face Leicester. The colors are lightly blended to provide the dyer limitless color possibilities with natural occurring shades. BFL is highly prized for it's likeness to mohair and for it's production of attractive, lustrous yarns with good resilience.

Blue Face Leicester - British lustre longwool. 25-27 microns, staple length 4 ¼ inches, 110 mm. The fibre feels finer than the micron count would suggest. The lustre promotes intense dye results.

Cheviot Wool top - a beautiful natural white color. The micron count is between 27-33. Cheviot is a main British wool breed. The wool top is open without being slippery making it an excellent wool for beginner spinners. The wool practically spins itself. The yarn produced from Cheviot wool is a pleasure to knit, crochet and weave with.

Corriedale Cross - 29.5 micron, Staple length 90 mm. Color is more cream than white. Value priced wool. This fibre is great for needle felting, beginner spinning and any use where a finer fibre is not necessary.

Falkland Top - micron 26, staple length 4-6 inches, 100-115 mm. The base flock of the Falkland wool is Corridale, Polwarth and Dohne Merino. These breeds were developed for dual purpose, meat and wool production and are selectively bred for the ability to survive in the harsh climate of the Falkland Islands. The upside of the harsh climate is that insects and disease associated with them are not a problem. The wool is almost guaranteed to be chemical free. Since there are no known sheep diseases in the Falkland Islands, the sheep are never dipped and never go through mulesing.

Merino Wool Top- staple length for merino- 70mm or 2.75” Micron 19.5 + Superfine Merino, 21.5 micron. Merinos have some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep. Superfine Merino is perfect for blending with other fine fibres such as Cashmere and Silk.

100% certified Organic Polwarth - selected from two family farms on the Falkland islands and measures an incredible 22 microns. The fleeces were processed in the UK. Sheep that are raised organically are not subject to mulesing, and they are not dipped for pesticides. In addition, the number of sheep allowed to graze in any given pasture area is limited to the natural carrying capacity of the land. And as with most wool that comes from the Falklands, it is very white

100% Shetland Moorit -  (red brown), from the UK, pure Shetland roving. 3" stape and 24-29 micron count. Shetland fibre is produced from sheep on the Shetland Islands and is lovely, wavy fibre suitable for fine to medium yarns. This roving is from the finer, undercoat of the sheep. 

Light Grey Swaledale - a hearty wool from Northern England. Tapestry yarn, yarn for outdoor garments would be a perfect use for this long, 4-8" stapled 35-45 micron wool. Beautiful light grey/cream colour. The Swaledale sheep are black faced and are the typical sheep one sees roaming around the Northern moors of England! 

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